The A3BC access application process will be entirely on-line via the A3BC website, with all communications relating to each application retained in a comprehensive file. The A3BC access process can be summarised by the following 4 steps:

  1. Registration of approved researchers (1 week):
    • The identity of applicants is verified through the online system and the National Biobank Director registers them as an approved A3BC researcher.
    • Each applying user only needs to be registered once and then simply confirms (or amends) their details for future application(s).
  2. Preliminary (pre-HREC) application (2-4 weeks):
    • The approved researcher completes an online EOI form regarding the samples and/or data they wish to access.
    • The Consortium Committee (CC) assess the type and number of samples and/or data sought, based largely on resource sustainability, logistics and cost.
    • The CC provide preliminary approval for the approved researcher to proceed to main application (based on agreed sample/data types/numbers), firstly through their HREC.
  3. Main (post-HREC approval) application (2-4 weeks):
    • The approved researcher submits their full application online to the A3BC Access Committee, comprised of a brief A3BC Application Form and HREC-approved application.
    • To reduce duplication and potential document disparity, the A3BC prefers HREC-approved application content be submitted as the main A3BC access application.
      • Our preference is that approved researchers use the NHMRC’s Human Research Ethics Application (HREA;
      • The HREC-approved application (HREA) information should include the Curriculum Vitae of the Principal Investigator (two pages maximum), Project Description/Protocol (including approved ethically defensible plan), HREC Approval Letter(s) and Modules for all institutions where the research will be conducted.
  4. MTA and Access Fees (2-4 weeks):
    • The approved applicant works with the A3BC to execute the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and finalise all access fees before the release of any samples or data.